Some thoughts on ScareMail Generator and Hobo Lobo of Hamelin

ScareMail Generator is a little app which can generate stories with scaring words. These stories may not make sense but NSA has to examine these nonsense thoroughly because they contain key words that are classified as dangerous words. The author developed ScareMail Generator to express his dissatisfaction of Internet surveillance. He hopes to retain privacy using ScareMail Generator. 


By changing the number of words to generate, you can generate different lengths of scary stories. For the purpose of this app, it is better to generate longer texts. 


This app can be downloaded to gmail and generate different scare mails every time you send an email. 


Hobo Lobo of Hamelin is a dark fairy tale presented in beautiful slides.


At the beginning of the story, Hamelin was described as a Christian town with beautiful scenery. But underneath this peaceful life, there were dirty and dark things. 


The rats caused many troubles in Hamelin. The major wanted to kick them out so as to win more votes. At that time, Hobo Lobo came to the town. He is a magical man who can do almost anything. People loved him. 


The major found Hobo Lobo and promised him a large amount of money as long as he help the town get rid of the rats. 

Hobo Lobo agreed. At one night, he played music and the rats followed him out of the town. The music was light and joyful at the beginning. 

before death

But as the music became louder and louder, Hobo Lobo brought death to all of the rats.


Now Hamelin is no longer afraid of God because it has become a believer of Satan. 

Later Hobo Lobo tried to find major and get his reward but it was impossible at the beginning. On previous page, the author gave hint of the major’s personalities. 

dick major

Hobo Lobo called the major’s office but he received useless answers.


When Hobo Lobo met the major in person, he received insult. The major thought that Hobo Lobo was nobody, he himself was the one who saved the town. 


Hobo Lobo had no other way but to sue the major, but he could not provide evidence because the major only gave him oral promise. Hobo Lobo lost the trial and he had to pay a large amount of money. 


When the major was being interviewed, Hobo Lobo was despetare. Ironically, the Major said that “justice was served today”. 

Just then the major received a phone call, saying that all children in Hamelin was outside. But the major did not care about the children. He only cared about himself. 


At the end of the story, the children followed Hobo Lobo out of the town, like the rats once did. 

This story may want to criticize the current situation in the US. When the rats died, the Statue of Liberty revealed itself from blood. 






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